The Tiny Type Museum
& Time Capsule

Just six museums are still available right now, with four more held in reserve going on sale soon! Place your order now.

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The Tiny Type Museum & Time Capsule is a celebration by journalist and printing historian Glenn Fleishman of type and printing, and an effort at preserving history for future generations to re-discover. Each custom, handmade wood museum case holds several dozen genuine artifacts from the past and present, including a paper mold for casting newspaper ads in metal, individual pieces of wood and metal type, a phototype “font,” and a Linotype “slug” (set with your own message), along with original commissioned art, a letterpress-printed book, and a few replicas of items found in printing shops. Read more about what the museum contains or place an order.

The Tiny Type Museum and Time Capsule

Each drawer of the Tiny Type Museum & Time Capsule has its own unique treasures.

The museum includes a letterpress-printed book written for the project, Six Centuries of Type & Printing, in which Fleishman traces the development of type and printing starting before Gutenberg printed his Bible around 1450 up through the present day. This book acts as “docent” for the museum, providing insight into the stages in technological and artistic development that took place, and explaining the importance and nature of the artifacts. It also slides out neatly as part of a sled from the top of the museum case, and provides the visible name.

Each museum also includes a curator’s guide that details each specific or category of artifact—and a secret compartment.

The project started with a crowdfunding campaign that completed March 1, 2019. That plus subsequent pre-orders have led to 97 museums being sold, which shipped between October 2020 and June 2021.

Pre-order one of the few remaining available museums!

The museums were made in an edition of just over 100 with four held in reserve against damage or loss. With the first 100 nearly sold out, we will soon release these additional four. Museums require as long as four to six weeks of preparation from purchase to shipping.

You can also order the book Six Centuries of Type & Printing as a separate item:

Listen to the Tiny Typecast podcast series, which you can subscribe to via this RSS link, in Apple Podcasts, or in your favorite podcast app. In the series, Glenn speaks with people about how type and printing’s past keeps informing designers, printers, and others in the present. New episodes started airing March 1, 2021.

Read about the development of the Tiny Type Blog and receive new posts to the blog via email. You can view photos of artifacts via this Flickr gallery. You can also watch this talk about type history and the museum on YouTube.

You can also subscribe to Glenn’s very low-volume project announcements list for future updates about this and other projects.

The Tiny Type Museum and Time Capsule

The Tiny Type Museum & Time Capsule is packed with historical and modern artifacts.

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